First of all, thank you for stopping by my website. I love my job and would be honored to spend some time with you answering any questions you may have!

The first thing you need to know is how important your experience is to me. My goal has always been to give clients so much more than the typical “portrait studio” visit. I believe in creating a truly personal and enjoyable experience. I aim to provide a complete service, from planning the shoot to hanging your custom wall arrangement in your home.

Your shoot will be enjoyable and stress free as we create a custom experience for you from start to finish.  

A little bit about myself

I am a wife, mom and a photographer. I love watching my 8 year old son grow and change every day! He is my everything, and he is my inspiration.

I love to be creative capturing memories and telling a story through photos!

I am from Brazil where I started my business in January 1997. I have been fortunate to make a career of my love for the art of photography!

Affiliated with a Brazilian modeling agency, I have had opportunities to be involved in many aspects of the business, including runway shows, fashion shoots, hair and make-up, advertising as well as an array of different forms of commercial photography.

These experiences have given me the skills to make a client feel comfortable in any situation (shy or otherwise), creative, fun and uplifting, in turn transposing positive and powerful emotions to your images.

Working with people brings me a great joy!

I love to work outdoors with natural light and in studio where I can control the light.

I love my family. I love to talk. I love bright colors. I love people. I love to laugh. I love photography. And I love my God.

Renata O’Donnell